15th June 2018

Speech 2018

Lack Of Education

We have books, paper, pens, teachers, classrooms and an education. Some children do not get the privilege we do about going to school each day. More than 72 million children are not in school and over 759 million adults are illiterate and do not have what is necessary to improve their living conditions or help teach their children. Children grow up learning things every day but this doesn’t mean they have a proper education. Children have goals and aspirations of what they aspire to be. It is unfair to any child that because their family cant afford for them to go to school that they don’t. I believe school should be compulsory in all countries for all children up until the age of 16.

Poverty is one of the main reasons children are not able to go to school. Many children from disadvantaged backgrounds are forced to leave school due to health problems related to malnutrition or work to support and provide for their parents and family. Working for their parents does not mean they are getting paid it means they do not get to go to school because their family lives in poor conditions and can not support themselves.Many factors link to poverty like illness, unemployment and the illiteracy of parents. Those three things alone increase the drop out rate of children in schools by 2. A lot of developed or developing countries do not allocate money to provide schooling materials, creating schools, or even to recruit teachers and train them. Having unqualified teachers leaves students with a lack of education. When the education should be designed to adapt to each child’s needs and abilities. In majority of africa 32 million children are uneducated due to poverty or because there is no school in the whereabouts of which they live.

Did you know that girls have the least access to education. They make up more than 54% of the unschooled population in the world. This is because governments in the arab states and southern and western asia give the education to boys while girls stay home and will learn how to cook and clean and will learn the stereotypical jobs women do each day in the family home.

Having a lack of education also causes poverty and in many cases death. Educated people are less likely to suffer from poor health because they understand how to prevent catching diseases and common colds. Uneducated people do not understand how to treat the infections they have and will leave it until it’s too late. Educated people have qualifications from school and can get into jobs and have a career. Uneducated people have no qualifications and cannot get into a job leaving them with no money to support themselves or their future family. This will then mean their family is stuck in the poverty cycle and can not break free because they have no qualifications to get a job to get money and pay for their children’s education.

Okay so all these facts are good to know but what does that solve? Nothing it’s just educating all of you in front of me that some children don’t get to go to school. What can we do about it? And What are we doing about it? Well Humanium is a website anyone can get onto and you can make a donation which can help raise awareness of children’s rights or provide to a child’s need for a whole year. A way we are already helping is So they can. It is an organisation you might have all heard of before. So they can has a mission to break the poverty cycle. Their focus is education to children and adults teaching a whole variety of things which is making families a lot healthier and happier.

“I go to school to gain an education, to become something in life and most importantly to disprove the stereotypical mind-set that children living in poverty cannot become anything in life and their existence does not matter. We matter,” This is what Rohit, a boy living in asia says to a company called World Vision which you willl al know of. World vision is the organisation that holds the 24 hour famine annually and creates funds for children in need in third world countries.

People may not agree with me when i say i believe that for all children it should be compulsory to go to school up until the age of 16. But if people are going to have a disadvantaged life because they didn’t go to school, then to me that doesn’t sound like education should be treated like it doesn’t matter whether we go or not.

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